libraryNepal institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) has well equipped computer laboratory with internet electronic library facility providing access to over 2000 reputed international electronic journals in health and general sciences. Well equipped library with substantial number of resourceful books and journals of wide coverage, ISIS software   program has been involved in library. The books, documents, journals and other learning materials are kept in a technical standard. Everyone can have access bibliography of research reports.


–          To facilitate the teaching/learning materials to students, teachers, staffs, researcher and other interested people.
–          To give orientation to each batch of new students/ staff.
–          To provide learning materials and appropriate environment as per the need of the user.
–          To provide new information as MEDLINE/PUBMED/HINARI search.
–          To guide to BN, BPH, BSc students including faculties on literature search


  • National Library Medicine Classification system for medical books
  • Dewey Classification system for basic science books.

Library Committee: 

The library committee is formed under the chairmanship of campus chief of Nepal Institute of Health Sciences. All the Head of the departments, coordinators of different faculties are the member of this committee and assistant librarian is the member secretary.

Library hour 

Sunday – Friday: 7 am to 5 pm

Library space:

  • One spacious room with capacity of 40 users at a time.
  • One library administration room with computer, photocopy machine and special reading room for teachers including journal section.

Library collection:

  1. Books above 6000 in number.
  2. Documents.
  3.  Slides.
  4.  Flipcharts.
  5.  Cassette player
  6. .Periodicals:
  7.  Subscription
  8. Annual Report and Publications of the ministry of Health
  9. Projects Publication
  10. Student & faculties Research Reports
  11. District Health Profile Management and Community Health Diagnosis Report
  12.  Donation from different organizations
  13. Ministry of Health, Annual reort
  14. Ministry of Health Publications
  15. Project Publication
  16. Students & Faculties Research Reports

Library users:

  1. Certificate in nursing (PCL), Bachelor in nursing (PBN) ,Bachelor in public health. (BPH),Health assistant. (H.A),Diploma in pharmacy. (D.Ph) students
  2. Teachers, staffs,  researcher.


  1. Indexing services.
  2. Cumulative indexing to nursing and allied health literature from 1989.
  3. Indexing of NIHS journals.
  4. Index medicus (back volumes on request)