Center for Research Training and International Relation (CRTIR)

The Centre for Research, Training and International Relation (CRTIR) is one of the 3 wings of SHCC Ltd. Since its establishment in the year 2000, CRTIR has been investing its efforts in the publication of journal, international research collaboration and international academic collaboration. Its also has been involved in the development of curriculum, development of protocols and providing trainings in different public health related issues. CRTIR has a group of highly skilled/internationally trained researchers and academician from public health, primary health care, international health, nursing, medicine, pharmacy, sociology, anthropology, epidemiology, biostatistics, and development communication. With this rich chain of researchers and academician CRTIR has full commitment of promoting the human resources for health in Nepal and the South East Asian Region.

Existing Partnership

CRTIR has research and academic involvement/partnership with the following institutions:

1. Academic partnership with Aberdeen University Scotland.
2. Academic partnership with FK Project Norway. Under this project CRTIR has working partnership with:
a. Sekwa Eye Hospital- China
        b. IMPACT Foundation- Bangladesh
        c. State Research Center on MCH and Human Reproduction, Mongolia
        d. Epidemiology Unit, Prince Songkla University- Thailand

3. Academic exchange with  Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary, Canada.

Current activities

CRTIR has been doing following activities with the involvement of different sectors:

1.  Human resource develop training- had sent 2 faculty/staffs for MSc. Epidemiology course in Prince Sonkla university Thailand. They have joined their duties after successfull completion of the course.
2.  Publication of “Stupa Journal of Health Sciences”- a peer reviewed journal.
3.  Training curriculum development of community diagnosis, district health management, health system research, participatory action research.
4.  Thesis/research module development


  1. Prof Yogendra Pradhananga, Cordinator
  2. Prof. Geeta Pandey, Campus Chief, Member
  3. Prof. Shakuntala Shakya, Head of Department of Nursing, Member
  4. Ass. Professor, Neelu Thapa, Head of Department of Public Health, Member
  5. Mr. Kamal Phuyal, Member
  6. Ms. Sanu Tuladhar, Member
  7. Ms. Narbada Khanal