Stupa Heath Care Center and Co-Operative Ltd. (SHCC)

Stupa Health Care Center Co-Operative Ltd. Co-operative Limited (SHCC) is a social, services oriented community owned, integrated and comprehensive health care cooperative center. SHCC is the first and unique of its kind in the...

Stupa Heath Care Center and Co-Operative Ltd. (SHCC)


With the notion of “Health is Wealth and Health for All” the Stupa Health Care Centre Co-operative Limited (SHCC), a social service oriented, community owned, integrated and comprehensive health care centre, is the first and unique of its kind in the country in terms of its multi-dimensional objectives, welfare services and participatory approaches in the operation and management process

In 1998, based on health care need assessment and urgency for easy accessible,  cost- effective and quality clinical and medical services, the centre has informally established by a group of community members settled around the Boudha Stupa. As the community participation increases with increased recognition for better clinical, medical and community health services, the centre was duly formalized in 2001 after registration at the District Co-operative Office under Co-operative Act 2048 BS (1991 A.D.) and renamed as Stupa Health Care Centre Co-operative Limited”.

SHCC believes the prevention is better than cure which demands collective action and comprehensive approaches. Thus, besides general and specialized health issues and problems through awareness raising and health education programmes.  Organizing health camp and training operating mobile clinics, and conducting Participatory Action Research (PAR) on health care related issues are other activities of the centre. Currently, the SHCC has been supported by highly qualified and well-experienced senior medical, nursing team and social scientists with constant encouragement and assistance from communities as a whole.

Goal and Objectives

The broad principle, on which the health centre co-operative was founded, aims to serve all communities’ members by providing distinct clinical medical and community health services with added facility to disabled, old aged, and SHCC members under its social welfare schemes, community members acquire health care services and equally contribute in the development of integrated and comprehensive health care through the process of their effective involvement and participation. The objectives of SHCC are to:

  • Provide easy accessible, cost effective and high quality integrated and comprehensive health care service to all sections of the community through its participatory process
  • Organize and conduct community based health related awareness raising workshops interaction forum, health camp etc in different parts of the country.
  • Organize specific health care activities for disables and elderly people
  • Develop medium and higher levels technical human resources to meet the national demand for health service
  • Conduct participatory and community based action research related to health care



  1. Prof. Dr. Ritu Prasad Gartoulla                               Chairman
  2. Dr. Bidur Kumar Chalise                                          Vice Chairman
  3. Er. Gambhir Lal Shrestha                                        General Secretary
  4. Mr. Yogya Raj Rai                                                     Joint Secretary
  5. Mr. Nima Sherpa                                                       Treasurer
  6. Mr. Pramod Lama                                                     Joint Treasurer
  7. Mrs. Laxmi Rai                                                          Member
  8. Mr. Pradip Lama Bamjan                                         Member
  9. Dr. Krishna Narshingh Rayamajhi                          Member
  10. Dr. Mukta Singh Lama                                             Member
  11. Dr. Suresh Kumar Dhakal                                        Member
  12. Mr. Kamal Phuyal                                                     Member
  13. Mrs. Ishwori Khanal                                                 Membe



  1. Jitendra Lal Nakarmi                                                 Coordinator
  2. Ganga Prasad Subedi                                                  Member
  3. Hari Krishna Shrestha                                                Member



  1. Dr. Ganesh Yonzon                                                       Coordinator
  2. Prof. Dr. Madhav Prasad Sharma                                  Member
  3. Prof. Dr. Shiva Kumar Rai                                                Member
  4. Dr. Tirtha Rana                                                                      Member
  5. Mr Gyani Bazra lama                                                           Member
  6. Prof. Dr. Tanka Nath Sharma                                               Member
  7. Mr. Ranjit Lama                                                                        Member
  8. Mr. Rajendra Giri                                                                     Member
  9. Mr. Hari Prakash Pudasaini                                               Member
  10. Mrs. Bijaya KC                                                                           Member
  11. Prof. Dr. Ritu Prasad Gartoulla                                            Member
  12. Mr. Surya Bazra Lama                                                             Member
  13. Mr.  Mohan Raj Bhattarai                                                     Member



  1. Prof.  Dr. Bidur Prasad Upadhyay                                     – Coordinator
  2. Eng. Mr Gambhir Lal Shrestha                                            – Member
  3. Prof. Dr. Yogendra Prasad Pradhananga                        – Member
  4. Mr. Pradip Kumar Lama Bamjan                                        – Member
  5. Prof. Mrs. Shakuntala Shakya                                             – Member
  6. Mr. Nima Sherpa                                                                        -Member
  7. Prof. Ms. Gita Pandey                                                              – Member Secretary



  1. Dr. Ganesh Yonzon
  2. Dr. Krishna Narshingh  Rayamajhi
  3. Dr. Rameshwor Prasad Pokharel
  4. Dr. Indra Prasad Prajapati
  5. Dr. Urmila Bharati
  6. Dr. Chhering Yonzon Lama
  7. Mrs. Laxmi Rai
  8. Mr Shambhu Bahadur Gole
  9. Mr. Tasi Lama
  10. Asst. Metron Ms Nila Thakuri
  11. Dr. Swasti  Bajra  Bajracharya



  1. Prof Yogendra Pradhananga, Cordinator
  2. Prof. Geeta Pandey, Campus Chief, Member
  3. Prof. Shakuntala Shakya, Head of Department of Nursing, Member
  4. Ass. Professor, Neelu Thapa, Head of Department of Public Health, Member
  5. Mr. Kamal Phuyal, Member
  6. Ms. Sanu Tuladhar, Member
  7. Ms. Narbada Khanal